New Story : Good Girl: Tracy Meets the Alley Thugs

At long last, a new story has been posted to the story section.  The second installment of the “Good Girl” series is finally here after months of writing, composing, and production.  I think it’s one of my best yet, and includes the usual themes of silly girl manipulation, humiliation, and sluttification, along with some story specific themes which include interracial sex, and maybe a little bit of cuckolding.  🙂  For more about it, go ahead and visit the story page here and give it a download.

I really do put my heart into every one of these things, which is why they take SO LONG to produce. If you like it, awesome!  If you don’t, that’s cool.  I’m just doing what turns me and Tracy on.  Maybe it’s not for everyone.

There are currently two more stories in production!  I have no release timelines for either of them, but it’ll be at least couple months before the next one drops.  I’ll try to give an update as progress is made.