COMING OCTOBER 10th – Good Girl : Candy Girl!

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A new entry in the Good Girl series is coming in just a couple of short weeks.  On Monday, October 10th, I will release “Good Girl : Candy Girl” on

Tracy is having trouble finding the right kind of guy to take her on a date, so April decides to help her out and prepare her to hook up with an old roadside hookup Tracy once had named Trevor.  Trevor is a true alpha, and since he’s already had Tracy once, she’s going to need to do something very special to get his attention this time.  April decides to dress Tracy up in a skimpy, neon colored outfit complete with body glitter and bubble gum, and a pair of easy-access crotchless panties barely hidden under her bright yellow microskirt–a true Candy Girl.  THAT should get Trevor’s attention.

Of course, Tracy gets more than she bargained for inside the men’s room of the filthy night club where Trevor hangs out….

Look out for this new installment in the Good Girl series on October 10th!