Coming Soon: April University — Slutty Training for Silly Girls

Hello everyone (and by “everyone” I mean the two of you who are paying attention).

I’ve been working for the last few months on a very special “training” program.  It’s called April University.  It doesn’t matter how or why you’ve come to the AU.  Maybe you’ve come of your own accord, or maybe someone in your life has decided that this is important for you and have insisted on your enrollment.  Maybe you’re a man, or maybe you’re a woman.  Whatever the case, April University is a unique institution that is here to transform you into a pretty young, eighteen year old girl. But your transformation is only the beginning of your education at AU.  I, Princess April, will oversee your transformation personally at the “New Student Orientation”, an audio file that will be released soon.  After that you will go through four levels of training: “beginning”, “intermediate”, “advanced” and “princess” level.  More specifics about your curriculum will be released along with the new student orientation, and you will receive your first few lessons immediately following your orientation and transformation.  In total, there will be 20 training sessions released (five for each level of training), each about 8-15 minutes long.  We will start with the basics, and move into more advanced topics as training continues.

Finally you will be given a final exam that will cover all you have learned.  If you pass, you will have graduated April University!

Naturally, this is all in good fun, and obviously it’s not a REAL university or training program.  It’s a FANTASY. 🙂  But for me it satisfies an itch.  While there are many places you can go on the internet these days that satisfy the needs of sissies or submissive men, it is still comparatively hard to find fantasies of full transformation into a woman, and the subsequent slutty training a brand new girl needs to be the best little slut she can be.  April University is meant to fill that gap.  I will try to warn people of any particularly sensitive or potentially offensive content in the lessons as they are released, and I’ll be up front about what kinds of things will be included from the very beginning.  As usual, I’ve created this for no other reason than to have fun.  If it’s not your thing, that’s totally cool.  There’s lots of other adult themed indulgences out there–or you can create your own thing!

I expect that the April University will launch sometime before the end of the year, and I’ll keep you posted when I have a solid date.   I hope everyone is happy and healthy this holiday season!