Free Cities – My Humble Contribution

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I promise, April University is on its way.  I’ve had a bit of a family medical crisis to deal with this past month, and I’m still in the middle of it.  Once I emerge from that tunnel, I’ll get back to work on finalizing the first 5 “lessons” for April University and get it posted.  I’ve also got a new audio story, a la the Good Girl series coming very shortly.  This one is special, and has taken me the better part of a year to write and produce so that it’s just right.

I’ll post more about all that stuff later, but for right now, I wanted to let people know about a remarkable text-only slave management game that really pushes all my perverted buttons.  It’s called Free Cities.  It’s by a like-minded artist called FC_Author who works on it because he loves it, and for no other reason.  You can find it on his reddit page here:

He’s also got a separate development blog here:

I mention this not only because it’s a fantastic game that can keep you occupied in an addictive, sexually addled drooling state for hours on end, but also because I contributed some writing and code to the game in the form of new random events!  It’s an honor to work on something I admire so much, and I plan to contribute more to the game, if FC_Author is so inclined to accept them.

The game isn’t for everyone, and will no doubt not be of interest to many of you, but I must say–it REALLY scratches an itch for me.  Addictive, naughty, extraordinarily deep and brilliant–it’s introduced kinks to me that I never knew I would like, and that’s a rare feat.  “Future Societies” alone is a stroke of genius. Anyway, maybe you’d like to check it out.

Meanwhile, as soon as I clear some of these medical / care-giving hurdles I’ve got going on, I’ll get back on track with my own stories and endeavors.  As always, I work to make my stories exceptional–even if only to me.  They take a lot of time and attention to detail, and they can’t be rushed, but hopefully, it’ll be worth it.

Ta ta for now!