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First thing’s first:  I’m not trying to fool anyone.  I am a biological male.  That said, my gender identity is not so clear cut, and on the sliding scale between male and female, I’m definitely much more dialed in on the feminine side.  I’m proud of this, and having finally realized it and embraced it, I feel more in tune with myself now than I ever have.  Both April and Tracy are different sides of me, and I’m so, so grateful to have finally, fully discovered them.

Tracy is my heart–the girl I wish I could have been, the person I still aspire to be.  Yes, she’s submissive, but she’s SO much more than how she’s depicted in my largely fetish oriented stories.  April is my shield–the one who looks after Tracy.  She’s my dominant side, and the one who does all the unpleasant things that sometimes you just can’t avoid in life.  I embrace them both.  I love them, and I let them speak through me.  The stories I write–the stories THEY write–are for them.  The music they write is for them.  It doesn’t necessarily mean Tracy and April will be IN every story, but the minute I try to write FOR anyone else is the minute this website will no longer exist.  That is the pact I’ve made with my own inner girl.  Make no mistake, SHE is in charge.

My musical background is extensive, and although I do not do it for a living, in some instances I have done it professionally.  That said my relationship with music is just as unique and personal as my relationship with my gender.  That is to say, my love of music is spiritual just as much as my sexuality is, and that is why I attempt to combine them the way I do.

You can thank my amazing wife of 15 years for convincing me to share these stories with you.  My wife is the best–the love of my life, my greatest most passionate cheerleader, and one of the strongest women I’ve ever known.  I don’t know what I would be if she hadn’t chosen me.  Without her, this website wouldn’t exist.

If you wish to read some of my written stories (which I created many years ago and are somewhat different than my audio stories), you may find them here on Literotica.com.

If you wish to contact me, you may do so through Literotica, or you can use my contact form below:

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