Audio Stories

Brand New Girl:


This could be called the origin of “Tracy”, and is a great prequel for the “Good Girl” series.  It is not a story, really, but more of a process of feminization and sluttification.  Mainly for men who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and who want to be transformed, deliberately, into a mindless, boy-crazy bimbo-slut.  I will transform you, teach you to listen to your new body, and follow your sluttiest instincts to become the perfect little bimbo–happy, eager and ready for use.  More Details

The “Good Girl” Series:

This is a series of files featuring a girl named Tracy–a horny, giddy, excited young woman who I enjoy manipulating and teaching how to be a good young slut.  This is for anyone (man or woman) who wants to escape into the experience of this sweet, sexy girl as I guide her through scenarios that make her uncomfortable in the name of making her men happy. More Details