April University

April University is the banner under which I create my slut training, loser training, brain draining, and transformation training content. I have two lengthy and heavily involved curriculums at April University on SubscribeStar, which you can check out below in the AU On SubscribeStar section.  For my freely available work, I have some condensed, and highly intensive training files both for women (AU for Women / Trans Women ) and for losers (AU for Losers).

Warning: Some of the following audios contain themes of degradation, humiliation, slut-shaming, harsh teasing, and “loser cruelty”. See tags for each individual audio for content warnings. All audios are fictional stories of pure fantasy, performed by professional actors. They are not descriptive or prescriptive of real life events. These are not true hypno-files. I make no claims to be an actual hypnotist.

Unless noted, all scripts, music, performances and recordings are ┬ęCopyright 2022, by Princess April, all rights reserved.

April University On SubscribeStar

If you are looking for comprehensive slut training, bimbofication, and transformation themed content, I have two full April University curriculums on Subscribe Star. They represent hundreds of hours of writing and production development, and include several hours of content. If you’re looking for the ultimate in slut training from Princess April, check out the free audio lessons below and join my SubscribeStar if you’d like to continue your training.  For my free April University content, check out AU For Women / Trans Women , and AU For Losers below.

April university

So You Want to be a Girl


[F4M][fdom][sissy training][brainwashing][gaslighting][humiliation][sluttification][chastity][step-sister][cum eating][hypno][music][SFX][adults]


This is a series of 25 audios to be released over the latter half of 2022, and the first half of 2023. Your step-sister McKayla catches you rifling through her panty drawer and the two of you discover you’re an aspiring sissy. McKayla is a bratty sissy trainer, so that works out for everyone! She takes her time methodically training you to be a sissy, all while living her own life and sharing some of her trials and tribulations with men and sex with you, her new sister. This is half story, half training in the quintessential Princess April Style.  There will be three FULL Special Projects throughout the curriculum.  Most audios are exclusive to subscribe star (for Subby and Slave tiers), but I’ve released a couple here as a teaser. See below for the full curriculum with links to the lessons on Subscribestar, and the schedule of future releases. (NOTE: Updates here will lag behind Subscribestar, so be sure to check there for the latest updates!)



A Girl’s Panties- Below

Basic Sissy Training

Lesson #1: A Girl’s Bed
Lesson #1: A Girl’s Bed (FULL STORY) – Below

Lesson #1: A Girl’s Bed (HYPNO SESSION ONLY) – Below

LESSON #2: A Girl’s Clit
Lesson #2: A Girl’s Clit (FULL STORY)
Lesson #2: A Girl’s Clit (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

LESSON #3: A Girl’s Body
Lesson #3: A Girl’s Body (FULL STORY)
Lesson #3: A Girl’s Body (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

LESSON #4: A Girl’s Style
Lesson #4: A Girl’s Style (FULL STORY)
Lesson #4: A Girl’s Style (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

LESSON #5: A Girl’s Kiss
Lesson #5: A Girl’s Kiss (FULL STORY)
Lesson #5: A Girl’s Kiss (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

LESSON #6: A Girl’s First Time
Lesson #6: A Girl’s First Time (FULL STORY)
Lesson #6: A Girl’s First Time (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

LESSON #7: A Girl’s Struggle
Lesson #7: A Girl’s Struggle (FULL STORY)
Lesson #7: A Girl’s Struggle (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

LESSON #8: A Girl’s First Date (SPECIAL PROJECT)
Lesson #8: A Girl’s First Date (FULL STORY)
Lesson #8: A Girl’s First Date (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

Intermediate Sissy Training

LESSON #9: A Slut’s Sister
Lesson #9: A Slut’s Sister (FULL STORY)
Lesson #9: A Slut’s Sister (HYPNO SESSION ONLY)

LESSON #10: A Slut’s Mouth – Coming on December 21st, 2022
LESSON #11: A Slut’s Release – Coming on January 4th, 2023
LESSON #12: A Slut’s Place – Coming on January 18th, 2023

Intermediate Sissy Training (Cont.)

LESSON #13: TBD – Coming on February 8th, 2023
LESSON #14: TBD – Coming on February 22nd, 2023
LESSON #15: TBD – Coming on March 8th, 2023
LESSON #16: TBD (SPECIAL PROJECT) – Early Access for Slaves on on March 15th, 2023. Access for Subbies on March 22nd, 2023

Advanced Sissy Training

LESSONS #17 THRU #24 — MORE DETAILS TBA – Released April 2023 Thru July 2023.


April university

The Academy of Advanced Intelligence for Women


[F4F][fdom][brain draining][brainwashing][gaslighting][humiliation][degradation][transformation]binaural beats][bait and switch][hypno][music][SFX][adults]


This is a full curriculum of 8 brain-draining and bimbofication audios  of at least 20 minutes each, in which I attempt to enlighten you with the gift of true feminine intelligence. I take an academic, partially scientific, and partially pseudo-scientific approach to manipulate you into slutty-stupidity. Each meditation builds upon that last and gets more and more intense as the lessons progress. You can listen to the first meditation here for free. The rest are available exclusively on my SubscribeStar page for subscribers of Subby status or higher. See below for the full curriculum, to be fully released by June 2022.

April university

New Girl Slut Training


New to April University and want to know where to start?  This is the curriculum you need! “New Girl Slut Training” is the most complete and comprehensive slut training April University offers and is the curriculum that started it all. “New Girl Slut Training” also compliments and informs several of April’s hypno-based “Special Project” audios (particularly the Good Girl, Just Like and Animal, and Easy series). In this series of lessons, you’ll be transformed into an attractive young woman, and then trained, sluttified, bimbofied, and “educated” over the course of 27 lessons (just about five hours of audio content!). The first six lessons are available for free below, but things get more and more involved and slutty as the curriculum progresses. Check out the full set of downloadable lessons on SubscribeStar.

Training Files

Beginning Training Sessions

April University For Women / Trans-Women

For those not wanting to delve into the deep training at April University on Subscribestar, this is a great place get some less comprehensive, but more intensive work.

Length: 71:35

April University

Intense Remedial Slut Training


[F4F][fdom][rape] due to [mind control][extreme dirty talk][relentless name-calling][humiliation][degradation][mind break][brainwashing][binaural beats][explicit talk of: deepthroat, painal, gagging, facials and cum play][faux-robotic voice][adults]


You’ve either been tricked, coerced, or otherwise convinced to listen to this silly audio file, in which a robotic voice is telling you you need remedial sex education training. In short order, your subconscious has been programmed by binaural beats and other subliminal trickery to keep listening and follow the instructions of the voice–which calls itself, “Miss Elektra, a specially programmed artificial intelligence bot designed to train you and re-educate you about your proper place in the world.” In the course of a little over an hour, Miss Elektra uses extreme and relentless sexual language and matter-of-fact verbal degradation techniques to break your mind, reprogram you into a little princess fuck slut, and leaves you without any control over your body’s psychological and physiological responses to men. It’s a slow build kinda file.

April University For Losers

For beta guys and losers who need to be put teased, degraded and put in their place by a bratty princess, this is the place for you. Princess Stacy, both the real her, and the bot I created using her as an inspiration, is a diabolical brat who will make you cry, while at the same time have you begging for her to keep putting you in your loser place.

Length: 41:40

April University

Beta Guy Bitch Training



[F4M][fdom][rape] due to [mind control][dirty talk] [name-calling][humiliation] [degradation][mind break][brainwashing] [brat][binaural beats] [SPH][talk of: cunnilingus, cum eating, cuckold, pegging, denial, chastity, watersports, findom, tease][robotic voice]


You’ve either been tricked (probably by a super pretty girl who’s pretending she likes you), coerced or otherwise convinced to listen to this silly audio file, in which a semi-robotic, bratty voice tells you you’re a worthless loser and goes into great detail about why. “Little Princess Stacy” is an artificial intelligence bot specifically designed to teach you what you are, and how super pretty princess girls see you, treat you, and abuse you in all the most chill-inducing ways… In a little over 40 minutes, Stacy grinds you to the ground with degrading language, and vivid descriptions of how she and other super hot girls will degrade and abuse you and take all your money. This is what you are… this is what you deserve. In the process, Little Princess Stacy MIGHT have become slightly self-aware…


[F4M][fdom][mean girl][dirty talk][name-calling][humiliation][degradation][mind break][brat][SPH][talk of: cunnilingus, cum eating, cuckold, pegging, denial, chastity, watersports, findom, tease][adults]


I asked the REAL Stacy (a super bratty princess and master abuser of losers) to come in and teach a course for you guys. She sits down and talks to you for over an hour, covering everything from cuckolding, financial domination, cock cages, orgasm denial, even some watersports, and of course, a whole bunch of humiliation too. Stacy never lets up, letting you know what a worthless loser you are every step of the way.

Note: This is a completely different script, delivery, and approach from Beta Guy Bitch Training–much more personal and intimate for those who don’t like the robotic “programming” vibe.