About Princess April

Writer, Actress, Musician, Singer

I’m Princess April!  I’m a professional writer in SFW circles, and I’m a theatrically and classically trained actor and singer. I’ve been writing erotica for more years than I care to admit, and I’ve been creating erotic audio stories, training files, and radio plays since 2014.  I’m also trans-female.

My work tends to range in tone from the super-sweet to dark erotic horror (with most of my audios heavily weighted on the darker side). I’m a big fan of arousal through humiliation, name calling, and degradation, though I also care very much about sex-positivity, safe kink exploration, and personal growth through sexual discovery.  I believe strongly in the distinct separation of fantasy from reality, and believe that through even our darkest fantasies, we can find magic, hope, and enlightenment. Though it may not always be immediately obvious to some, most of my work is dripping with this philosophy.

All audios and scripts on this site feature original writing, original performances, and where applicable, original music, and original or licensed sound effects. Unless individually noted as collaborations, everything you hear, from script, to music to performance was created by me.

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