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I have a lot of audios that run the gamut between sweet and dark, dominant and submissive, and all the gray area in between.  It’s hard to categorize them with any coherence, but I hope these category descriptions give you a good idea of what you might find where.


This is the banner under which I do most of my slutification / bimbofication training (and loser training for men). There are a couple of free offerings for April University, but the really cool, more involved training curriculums are available on SubscribeStar.


Of all the audios I’ve created, these are the ones I’m most proud of. They take an immense amount of time and work, but each one is unique and was made with care and love. Most of them feature original music, intense sound effects, and a very carefully created script. Many of them are collaborations with other voice actors, who were generous enough to lend their talents to my words and music.  Highlights include the unforgettable, “Corporately Owned” with Xinley as the narrator, and the sweet, but powerful “Daddy, You’re Not Doing it Right” featuring the vocal talents of my friend Beegeewanders.  Beware, though, some of these get very dark. Pay attention to the tags. This is the stuff I love, and even though they are released rarely, I’m always working a new one…


Speaking of dark, this is my bread and butter, and I’ve created a lot of them. They run the gamut from erotic horror to mild degradation, but I categorize them this way in order to make doubly sure everyone knows what they’re getting into when they dive in. Dark audios contain fdom audios, fsub audios, and some that defy categorization. Outside of the Hypno and Radio Play category, If it has a dark theme, it goes in here.  So if you’re looking for something you can’t find in the other categories, this is a good place to look.


This category is comprised of some of the very emotional and uplifting work I am most proud of, including stories like “Catholic Kink”, “You’re my Celebrity” and “Let’s be Girls Together”, among others.  They have sweet undertones and honest feelings in them.  And though they are not always sunshine and daffodils, they explore themes that are close to my heart with characters whose hearts are, at their core, generous and caring.  This category is the same deal as the Dark Audios, if there’s something you can’t find in the other categories it might be here as well. 


Milder Fdom audios that I didn’t think belonged in either the Dark Audio section or the Sweet section.


Milder themed FSub audios that don’t seem to fit at the extremes.